Fifteen Minute Warning

Presenting a selection of 6 short plays, written produced and performed by members of the Royal Manor Theatre Company.

Please note, these performances are for mature audiences only.

What would you do, when there is only fifteen minutes left on Earth?



1. It's not the destination, it's the journey. - Phillip and Carol are stuck in traffic, on their way to the mother-in law's, unaware that anything else is happening. How will the knowledge of impending doom affect their relationship?


2. Dummies - A man in his forties questions the meaning of his own existence in conversation with a mannequin who may or may not be who it seems to be


3. Home Revelations - An embittered school teacher goes to his mother for the "very end" rather than his children and estranged wife. But things are not as they seem when his beliefs are challenged to the very core.


4. Heaven knows I'm miserable now. -   Every Saturday morning for the past 10 years  Neville has held an emergency drill for the whole family. Will he be ready for the real thing? 


5. Inventory - Gerald and Dorothy live in suburban bliss, or perhaps Dorothy does, until she hears on the interweb that the world is going to end soon. Gerald, however, only has time to write an inventory of his tool shed. 

6. Zenith Closure- The old man gets his marching orders and is given 15 minutes to dismantle the whole of creation. An irreverent take on the world as we know it.

September 11th-14th, 7.30pm

The theatre's bar will be open 30 minutes before the performance


We operate a challenge 25 policy on all bar purchases


For your comfort and safety, you may be subject to a security check at the theatre


Latecomers will not be admitted until a suitable point in the performance


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