Hardy Regrets

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Roses films: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3QF2KpM-n8

A minimal stage would be needed, a doorway and a window flat.

The scripts will be filmed sequentially, so if you only want to be part of the production, you can just be committed to two weekends.

The interior shoots, on stage will take two days of weekend filming every month.

The exterior shots, mostly around Portland will be another 2 days of weekend filming every month.

The film is to be entered into a national Thomas Hardy festival in July.

INDOOR shooting dates (RMT):
April: 30/31 - The Superstitious Man
May: 28/29 - The Withered Arm
June: 11/12 - The Three Strangers
July: 23/24 - What the Shepherd Saw

OUTDOOR dates (Around Portland)
April: 23/24 - The Superstitious Man
May: 14/15 - The Withered Arm
June: 25/26 - The Three Strangers
July: 30/31 - What the Shepherd Saw

1 weekend outdoors & 1 weekend indoors, for each short story, in the Portland / Weymouth area: Hardy's home

These four shorts will be linked by a narrator, to create a feature-length film. Then the Worldwide Premiere will be held at Christmas, locally

Map of Portland

YeatsRoad-Screenshot 2022-04-18 114334.png
The Withered Arm


                                            ALL Scenes


                               Specific Days' Breakdown


8.45.a.m.: Meet outside of Royal Manor Theatre (RMT), Fortuneswell,(entrance is on side road) - CREW (incg. Neil!) and CAST (Rhoda and Bill's 3 INDOOR scenes, only) 


10.30 a.m.: Leave to get cars and then drive up to Yeats Rd., Portland (behind Heights Hotel, next to Victorian waterworks' castle, just off roundabout BEFORE going down into Easton).


11.00 a.m.: Meet HOLLY and SCOTT, at Yeats Rd, and walk away to the first King's Barrow Quarry Park location.


11.30 a.m.: Shooting ~ 10 OUTDOOR scenes/shots (or more, if poss!)....depending on absence of passersbye and presence of actors, etc..

(YES, SCOTT and HOLLY...don't worry, will try and do you as soon as possible)


Lunchtime (Don't forget sandwiches and water bottles, sun hats/brollies and coats!)


6.00 p.m. Finish



8.00 a.m.: Meet up in WEYMOUTH at NOTHE CASTLE car park. (I will repay your parking fee, people, but can you please 'car pool' up, as, because I'm on benefits...boring chronic condition.....I will have probs if all dozen people come in separate cars!!) and walk over to actual castle


8.30 a.m.: Start shooting final scene


10.30 a.m.: Leave Nothe and drive to YEATS Rd., Portland.


11.15 a.m.: Park at Yeats Rd., and walk to King's Barrow locations. 


11.45.a.m.: (Another 3/4 OUTDOOR scenes/shots?)


(Rest/eat when not acting/crewing)


2.30 a.m.: Walk back to car and return costumes to Rose (for theatres!)


3.00 p.m.: Rose (with PAIGE!!, gear and costumes) goes to National Trust's MAX GATE (Hardy's House) in Dorchester to shoot DR. HAYES (The Hardy Soc's Sec) as Narrator.