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2019 at the Theatre

Paterson - a film by Jim Jarmusch

Paddington 2 - A great family film

Film Day - 26th January

Running a film day is a great opportunity to help with the theatre. As we have two performances, it will give you a chance to help us out in a variety of ways.

The first showing is at 3pm, and the second at 7pm. Depending on how you can help it may be as little as an hour of your time.

We've got opportunities for the following;

Ushers - Ensure people are comfortable entering the theatre and finding a place to sit Lighting Technical - Operate the lighting for the event, from the gallery Projection Technical - Operate the projector, prepare the screen, and queue up the films Bar and Concession staff - Serving guests with tea/coffee and snacks, or tending the bar. Runners - Be available for the duration, you may be asked to do anything!

Get in touch if you think you can spare some time, Paddington 2 will open doors at 2.30pm, and Paterson will open doors at 6.30pm

Drop us a line at and we can get you involved!

RMTC Pantomime - Ali baba

Ali Baba and the Four Thieves

Friday 8th - 10th February 2019

When Alibaba and his brother Kasim are robbed in the souk, Alibaba vows to track the thieves. On his journey he encounters a collection of delectable dancers, snake charmers, thieves and a camel, amongst others.  What will he discover on his mammoth trek through the mountains, how did that Genie get into the dusty old lamp? And will Alibaba get his wishes granted?

How you can get Involved

We are currently looking for people available in the new year to help with set building, set painting and supporting the crew creating the sets.For the actual performance, there's opportunities to be the performance stage crew. This may involve prop management, curtain control, set moving and generally making sure everything is in the right place at the right time.

If you're interested in welcoming the guests to the theatre and making them comfortable before the performance, then joining the front of house staff for the nights you are free would also be a great help. No experience necessary, all training will be provided.

Drop us a line at and we can get you involved!

Theatre and Film Group

 A brief hiatus from the TFG, we'll be back in the new Year from January 8th, which is a Tuesday. We covered quite a bit in the last few weeks, from Lighting to Filming to script reading and writing and we'll be publishing a schedule soon, covering other parts of the theatre. I want to thank everyone who participated last year, the format will remain the same, we'll start with a few group activities then have a period of time on a particular area. Hopefully, we can start planning on doing small revues, for those comfortable to do so, whether it's performing on stage or in the lower hall, or producing a short film for our You tube channel.

We're keen on introducing musical theatre to our sessions, so if you have some skill in the area, or know someone who can offer an hour of their time on a Tuesday, then do get in touch.



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