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Google Gsuite Instructions

Logging In

Your Royal Manor Theatre email address allows you to send emails from the Royal Manor email address. This ensures whomever you are sending to knows that you represent the Royal Manor Theatre.

You can log into email using

Your login gives you access to files related to the theatre, such as posters, minutes and legal documents.

You can log into drive using

Using a mobile phone

You can add your account to any google app on your IOS or Android phone.

Then when you’re in the app you’ll be able to upload photos or write documents to your drive and the team drives.

See also:!/

Google Drive

Either log into with your email adress, or access it from the apps browser when you log into gsuite.


Once logged in, if you look at the left column, underneath the Google Drive logo, you can see "My Drive", which is a 30Gb personal drive, and "Team Drives" which are folders which everyone can see and add documents to.

See also:!/

My Drive


This is your personal online space, upload photos, or anything else related to the theatre that you may need.


You can upload the files via the big plus button, or drag files you want to store directly onto the browser.


Team Drives


These 'drives', are used to organise information for the various teams within Royal Manor Theatre. With "Assets", "Legal", "Marketing", "Membership", "Productions" and "Templates".


Team Drives > Assets

The Assets drive contains images and photographs which may be useful for everyone within the Royal Manor Theatre.


Team Drives > Templates

The Templates folder is used to store templates for documents sent by the Royal Manor Theatre, such as membership, press releases, posters, etc.


Access your gsuite email via the 3x3 app grid when logged in via gsuite.

Or go to this URL:


Alternatively, use the normal gmail website (


For mobile phones, add your account to your gmail phone apps accounts.


If you have other googlemail or gmail accounts, ensure that when you use your app, that you are sending using the correct email address by switching accounts if needs be by clicking on your profile picture in the top right.


Adding a forwarding address to a gmail account

(See the google docs version of this document for some helpful pictures)

Log into the gmail account using your address

Click the settings cog on the right of the messages list.


From the settings screen, click the Forwarding and POP / IMAP tab


Click the Add a forwarding address button and enter the address you want email to go to.

Gmail will send a confirmation email to this address, to ensure it is correct.


Next, click the Filters and blocked addresses tab, then click Create a new filter


Add a @ to the from, then click next and select the forwarding address you added previously.



Move across to the Google calendar from as soon as you are able.

Take a look at the google learning center in the link below to get started.

Create your own calendar for the event or department you are involved in and notify everyone of its existence. They will see your calendar entry in their calendars, in the colour you have chosen.

Access the calendar via:


There are several calendars already shared within the royal manor gsuite, if your production or department needs a calendar, create one and notify the relevant parties on how to access it, and share it with them.


To add a particular item click the date you require.

A popup will appear with three areas, title, date and calendar selector.

Enter a title for the calendar entry. Update the date if required, then select whichever calendar is required.


More more information:!/

Anything else?

Google GSuite has a very thorough help system,

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