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Theatre Insurance

Ladbrook Insurance are a supporter of the Royal Manor Theatre.  For insurance for theatres, visit their website or call 01909 565858.

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Tesco Campaign

Tesco included us in their Bags of help Charity Tokens campaign up until Jaunary 1st 2019.

The Co-op Local Community Fund helps to support local projects that our members care about. Since its launch in 2017, Co-op members have raised £39 million pounds for over 12,000 local causes. We’re delighted that Royal Manor Theatre Company will now be able to access this funding opportunity.

How it works

For the Theatre to benefit, you need to become a Co-op member, which is a loyalty card scheme that accrue points for everything you buy. You can then use these points as coupons or to buy items in the shop or online.

Whenever a Co-op member buys shopping and swipes their card, Co-op will donate towards the members chosen charity.

To become a member, ask at the checkout then use your membership number online to set up Royal Manor Theatre as your local charity. You can also set it all up online, without going to the shop. Either way, you will receive a membership card in the post and the Royal Manor theatre will get a donation from the Co-op of 1%.

Setting up your membership online with a temporary card

Once you have your temporary membership card from the Co-op, go online and set up your account.

Enter the number on the back of the card in the box on the web site, then click next.

After filling in your details, click "Create account"

Thats it, you're done.

Now connect your account to the royal Manor Membership and for every shop, we get 1% from the Co-op!

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