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Get Involved - Backstage and Creative

You don't have to be on stage at the theatre to be involved - there are plenty of opportunities behind the scenes that you may like to explore


Stage Management

The stage management team are responsible for managing all aspects of the stage including helping with set changes, ensuring that props are in the right place and with the right people, prompting lines and cueing the show. 



The technical team work behind the scenes to make the show run - from designing lighting plans and soundscapes to rigging the equipment or operating the consoles on show nights, 


Set Design and Prop Making

Each production needs a set - these are usually created using our 'flats'. Consideration needs to be given to designing sets to ensure the set fits in to the period and style of the production. Likewise, most productions involve a range of props, all of which need to be sourced to add to the realism on stage.


Costume Design and Supervision

Performers need something to wear on stage - and that's when costume come in, sourcing costumes for performers to wear that fits the style and period of the production.


Scenic Construction

Scenic construction involves physically building the set from the design. This work ususlly takes place on a Wedensday afternoon at our working party, who have the manpower to be able to construct the sets. 



Each show needs direction, and that's where directors come in! Directing a play takes place throughout the production process and takes in a wealth of tasks from sourcing and casting the play to managing rehearsals, working with the backstage teams and ensuring that the show is ready to go up each night.

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