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Get Involved - Playmakers

The Playmakers are the company’s junior group; our future acting strength.   With clear and well-structured direction, the Playmakers truly are a talented group of young folk who love to entertain. 


Children and theatre tend to be a natural partnership as youngsters can readily throw off the shackles of convention and be creative without concern for how they look or what they “should” be doing. In fact, amateur dramatics can have a plethora of benefits to kids of all ages and abilities. 


Joining the Playmakers allows young people to explore themselves and gain a wealth of skills including: 

  • Finding their strengths

  • Self discipline and perseverance

  • Team building

  • Diction

  • Volume

  • Confidence


Joining the Playmakers is fun, too and the group performs to the public yearly and always have the opportunity to join in our pantomime. 


The Playmakers meet at the theatre on a Wednesday evening. For futher information about joining, please contact Playmakers

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