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Get Involved - Be On Stage

It couldn’t be easier to become part of a play at the Royal Manor Theatre.  We’re always looking for new talent, or even people who have had stage experience in the past. 
If you’re thinking…  “I would like to try that, but I’m not good enough” – how do you know?  If you haven’t given it a go, you’d be crazy to say that you couldn’t do it because you haven’t tried!  That’s why we are recruiting NOW!  Don’t worry though, it’s not a Boot Camp and there’s absolutely no pressure!
At the Royal Manor Theatre, we have a good team of dedicated directors who are extremely good at teaching the art of stagecraft to the new and old alike.  Some people who have joined within the last couple of years have wondered why they hadn’t joined sooner.  Many have been in several plays in a row, because they had enjoyed the experience that much! 
To become part of a play, you basically need to ‘pop-in’, when something’s happening.  For example, you can come along to any event such as a play reading, or perhaps a rehearsal for the next production.  When you’re there, make yourself known.  If you don’t tell us why you’re there, we can’t get you involved!
If you want to be on stage, we need you now!  Or, if you’re too shy to come along to an event but still want to become involved, you can contact us for more information.  But whatever you do, give it a go.  That way, at least you’ll know whether or not you like it!

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