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Blackadder cast out and about on a Sunny Portland Weekend

In what is turning into a bit of an annual event, the cast from the upcoming Royal Manor Theatre Production of Blackadder 2, the BBC TV show written by Ben Elton and Richard Curtis, travelled around Portland in full costume!

On a gloriously sunny day, The whole cast took to the streets and landmarks of Portland to spread the word. Travelling the length and Breadth of the Island, the cast met with local people and visitors, having selfies and keeping in character all day!

Percy (Chris Wadley), The Wise Woman (Clare Alexander) and Lady Farrow (Tina Hoyle) enjoy a bit of skatepark action

Chris Wadley, director of the production, and a local teacher by day, was out and about dressed as Blackadders put upon cousin, Percy, indulging in a bit of scooter action at the Chesil Skate Park, much to the entertainment of the young people there. Lots of instagram posts were tagged, and despite requests for Percy to "do a drop off", the cast left unscathed. The spectacularly creepy Wise Woman (Clare Alexander) and Lady Farrow (Tina Hoyle) also joined in the fun at Billie Winters, where they beguiled a busy Weymouth Bay Windsurf crowd.

Nurse (Victoria Bush), Queenie (Carolyn Lawler) and Lord Melchett (David Mackay) visit Portland Castle

Meanwhile, Lord Melchett (David Mackay), Nurse (Victoria Bush), and Queenie (Carolyn Lawler) visited Portland Castle to help out at the kitchens, took some photos with sightseers at the Olympic rings and invaded the Heights Hotel, surprising guests and staff alike!

Baldrick (Sue Coleshill) and Blackadder (Gavin Roberts) do a bit of shopping

Blackadder and "Bob" (Beki Way) dance around the park

Finally, Blackadder (Gavin Roberts), Baldrick (Sue Coleshill) and Bob (Beki Way) bounded around Easton, signing autographs, doing a spot of supermarket sweeping, taking selfies and enjoying the beautiful weather on Portland.

Chris Wadley, the director of the production said "I'm sure that these stories are familiar old friends to many, and hope that we shed new light on them for you with our interpretation"

The production, the first time Blackadder has been performed on stage in Dorset, will be staged at the Royal Manor Theatre, from June 24th to June 29th.

Nursey, Melchett and Queenie at the Royal Portland Arms

Tickets are available from our booking page on ticketsource, or from Cards n Celebrations or the Royal Portland Arms.



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